Welcome to Penrith Baptist Church and Ministry Centre

PURPOSE:  “God’s purpose is to restore and heal the world through Jesus Christ. He invites us, His church, to participate with Him in seeing His Kingdom come, His will being done in Penrith and the wider community, as it is in Heaven.”   

MISSION STATEMENT: “Love God, love others, making disciples who follow, learn from and obey Jesus Christ”

 How to find us at 11 Morello Terrace Caddens NSW- for driving directions click on “more options” on the map below, a new map will appear. Enter your address into the box at the top left hand side of the map and your route is displayed.

A View from the Hill                                                                   



What God wants us to know …
That nothing can separate us from His love.

God is with us always.He is with us in our pain and struggle and                                            He is with us in our joy and excitement
It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are alone or that God
does not understand when we go through difficulties.
When we are in struggle it is often hard to see past the problem (which
can be all consuming) in order to see the solution – God.
I read John 1:5  which says “The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness can never extinguish it.” This verse is describing
Jesus and his life which brings light to everyone (v4). When I read it I
thought of the times in my own life where I have felt in the darkness,
when the challenges I was facing felt too great and the times when I
felt desperate for God to provide a miracle. This verse reminded me
that regardless of how dark the situations we find ourselves in is, the
light of Jesus (Gods love) can reach in and change everything.
When we are in struggle it’s hard to see the light but God breaks into
the darkness and reminds us that nothing can separate us from His
love (Romans 8:35-38).