Our Pastor


Tony Calman

God has reached out and embraced humanity through “God becoming flesh” in the person of Jesus Christ. Responding to the call of Jesus to come and follow him, to draw near to him and thus draw near to God has been the greatest motivator of our Pastor’s, Tony Calman’s, life and ministry.
After two decades serving in a local church in Doonside, Tony and his wife Wendy have been called into a ministry to help churches through various life transitions. Understanding that it is every believer’s call to “make disciples…teaching them to obey” all Jesus has commanded, the church is to be a community of Jesus’ disciples who are to make disciples of Jesus.
With two adult daughters, Tony has lived the majority of his adult life and the whole of his pastoral ministry in Western Sydney. He enjoys running (Parkrun most Saturdays), motorbikes, and travel. In 2019, Tony and Wendy were “puppy raises” for Guide Dogs NSW, with their “pup” Gus successfully graduating as a Guide Dog and now is a working Guide Dog. They are considering going again.