This Church adopts for its aims and functions the following, which it believes to be in harmony with the purpose of Christ’s Church as declared in the New Testament:

  1. To encourage its members to assemble regularly for the public worship of God.
  2. To inspire and maintain an active spiritual growth among its members and adherents and to encourage all members to be loyal to one another in word and deed and seek to edify one another in love.
  3. To proclaim the truths of the Bible by which people experience salvation, and to lead those who believe into responsible membership of the Church.
  4. To promote love among members and goodwill toward all people and to assist members and others who are in need.
  5. To proclaim the sole Lordship of Jesus Christ in the lives of its members and to seek to fulfill His program in the life of the community, the nation and the wider world beyond through evangelistic and missionary enterprises.